12-bay AC/DC tri-chemistry for XTS2500 and XTS5000


Includes 6 dual charging pods and power supply with cord for U.S. type wall outlet. Rapid charges NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion, or LiPo batteries based on pod selected. Certified to meet California Energy Commission (CEC-400-2011-005) and DoE (10 CFR, Part 430) requirements for energy conversation. Provides cold and hot battery monitoring for batteries with temperature sensing circuitry.

  • Product Features: With pod installed, charges two batteries with or without radio. Replaceable pod allows future use with different radios / batteries. Charging status of rear radio position confirmed by top LED. Charging status of front radio position confirmed by middle LED. Bottom LED illuminates to confirm charger is receiving power when both front and rear positions are empty.Approvals: CEC, DoE, FCC, CE, UL (power supply).